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Indian traditional food has esteemed for its stunning flavour and fabulous use of herbs and spices. We have a passion for pure flavor, quality ingredients, and for creating an atmosphere that is convivial, approachable, and a heaven for people who simply love food.
With more than 25 years of experience in the FOOD industry, we are dedicated to the art of delicate, beautiful Indian cuisine. We put utmost care and love into every dish in our extensive menus, from the wonderful nibbles and starters to whet your appetite, from tandooris, special creations, beautiful traditional dishes, biryanis, to vegetable concoctions and beyond!


We are proud to offer you a dining experience you have been waiting for, with a restaurant in GTA. It has always been and will be our policy that the quality of our food and service is second to none. Our premises are decorated with tasteful (and beautiful!) lighting, complemented by artful placements decor, creating an atmosphere sure to make you feel right at home! After all, what is Indian food without a pleasant atmosphere!
Our menu captures flavours and cooking styles from every corner of the beautiful India. Our exclusive menu not only tastes delicious but also looks incredible on the plate – a feast for the eyes as well as the palate! We always use the authentic Indian spices to bring mouthwatering dishes for all of us to enjoy in comfort and ambience of well decorated restaurant. Made with fresh ingredients, sizzling spices and then cooked to perfection, every single dish that leaves our kitchen is beautiful, delicious and perfectly healthy.


We are firm believers in the way food can bring people together. Our wait staff and servers are experienced, friendly and more than willing to help you achieve the perfect food experience, from the moment you enter to the minute you leave.


Food Lover

The perfect place for food lovers to come and enjoy a tasty meal.

Guaranteed 100%

Best Quality

We uphold the highest standards by serving quality meals.


All the time

We follow all the necessary safety guidelines of COVID-19.



All the meals are served by our well-trained and professional staff.

OUR Vision

Our vision has been to provide a restaurant with a stunning ambience, where you will not only receive friendly and attentive service but also serve you innovative dishes and heart-warming classics that are lovingly prepared on the premises by our chefs on a daily basis.

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